Onconephrology: two books from the same frontier

Cancer and the Kidney by Enric P. Choen has been for a long time the only book available on the market to address the area at the frontier of nephrology and oncology. It was a wonderful book and an easily accessible resource for a busy clinician like me.

And finally, a few weeks ago, another book has been published: 
Onconephrology by Kenar Jhaveri and Abdulla Salahudeen. I have read the whole book in only two weeks: it is wonderful too and its practical approach seems even more interesting than that of the seminal book of Choen and coauthors.. As it always happens with Springer editions (at least in my experience) the quality of proof-reading is lower than that of the book by Choen which was originally published by OUP. Nevertheless, the contents are appropriate, easily accessible and the authors made a great work to simplify a difficult issue. 
I highly recommend this book to whomever wants to improve his/her knowledge in this field.


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