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A Magnesium Story

Magnesium is currently available in a number of formulations including different types of organic and inorganic salts. Each salt contains a specific percentage of Magnesium.

For example, MgSO4 7H2O  is a particular type of Mg salt usually administered intravenously to treat severe hypomagnesemia. Its MW is 246.5, and its percentage of Mg content is 9.7% (Mg atomic mass is 24, since MgSO4 contains only 1 atom of Mg, the relative percentage of Mg is 24/246.5*100=9.7). Thus 1 g of MgSO4 contains 97 mg of Mg i.e. 4 mmol.

Mg content of different Mg Salts:

MgSO4 9.7%
Mg citrate 16%
Mg pidolate 8.7%
MgCl2  12%
MgO 60%
Mg lactate 12%
Mg piruvate 10%
Mg orothate 7.7%
Mg gluconate 5.8%

In adults, the recommended daily intake of Mg i.e. the daily intake level of Mg that is considered to be sufficient to meet the requirements of 97–98% of healthy individuals is equal to about 400 mg.

When used to treat hypomagnesemia, maintenance therapy may require the oral administration of 60-720 mg of Mg usuall…

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